Asciiville is where you go for ASCII Art, animations, and utilities. The Asciiville project provides integration and extension of several packages as well as providing convenience commands to invoke a variety of components used to display ASCII Art, animations, and text based utilities to perform common operations in a text-only environment.

Asciiville includes nearly 1,000 works of ASCII and ANSI Art!

Asciiville is one of the Neoman managed projects:

Asciiville integrations and extensions are aimed at the character based terminal and console user. They enable easy to use seamlessly integrated control of a variety of ASCII Art, animation, and utilities in a lightweight character based environment.

At the core of Asciiville is the asciiville command which acts as a front-end for a variety of terminal commands and tmux sessions.

The asciiville command can be used to display Ascii Art either as a slideshow or interactively.