Asciiville includes many tools for generating and viewing ASCII Art in a variety of ways including automatic conversion of images in any image format into ASCII Art, slideshows of ASCII Art, and ASCII Art animations. However, Asciiville does not yet provide a very rich set of tools to generate ASCII Art other than the conversion of images. The tdraw ASCII drawing tool is included but it is fairly primitive. Also included in Asciiville, asciimatics and figlet can be used to generate a wide variety of ASCII and ANSI art and text.

Additional drawing and painting tools for ASCII Art generation may be desired. Future releases of Asciiville may include some of these.

Here is a short list of some of the ASCII Art drawing and paint tools available but not included in Asciiville. The list is short because there are just not that many available. Or, I have not found them yet. Let us know which ASCII Art tools you think we should include.


PabloDraw is an Ansi/Ascii text and RIPscrip vector graphic art editor/viewer with multi-user capabilities.


Moebius is an ANSI Editor for MacOS, Linux and Windows. The major feature that differentiates it from PabloDraw is the ‘half-block’ brush which allows editing in a style closer to Photoshop than a text editor, although you can still use the function and cursor keys to draw with, and you should find that most of the text editing features from PabloDraw are carried over to this editor. The editor is still a work in progress.


Scribble is an ASCII art editor which lets you draw vector diagrams and render them into ASCII art. The original vector objects are converted into a short (well, short-ish) URL and string, appended to the bottom of the diagram. Paste both the ASCII art and URL into your source code or README file. If you need to modify the ASCII art later, you can regenerate the original vector shapes in Scribble by using the URL.

LSD (LSDeluxe)

This project is a rewrite of GNU ls with lot of added features like colors, icons, tree-view, more formatting options etc. LSD is included here not because it is a drawing or paint tool but because it is really cool and includes the ability to decorate files and directories and symbolic links and devices with ASCII representations of icons using Nerd Fonts.


ARttime provides curated text-art with an alarm, timer, and notifications.


Asciiville includes the jp2a image to ascii conversion utility. However, there are several other such converters, each with its own merits. One good digital image to ascii art conversion tool is ascii-image-converter.


Artem is a command line tool to convert images to ascii art, similar to Asciiville’s jp2a.

More to come …